February 21-22, 2015
Iidabashi, Tokyo, Japan

Register for Tokyo Demo Fest 2015!!

When: February 21st (Sat) - 22nd (Sun), 2015
Where: Institut français du Japon in Shunjuku, Tokyo. (Location Info)
Please read the information below before registering for your ticket.

Registration for TokyoDemoFest is currently closed. Some tickets are still available on opening day. See you at the party!

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 Natade 田中彩子
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Registration Information

Ticket Price

A ticket to the complete event is 4000 yen, but those who register early (before Feb 20 @ 23:59 JST) will receive a 500 yen discount, for a total price of 3500 yen!
A single ticket is valid for entrance for both days to the event.
Active students will receive a discount at half price for 2000 yen, payable at the entrance. (Be sure to bring your current student ID with you.)
Ladies will be allowed in for free, just like at European demoparties.

How to Purchase a Ticket

You can buy a ticket online with the form above (using a credit card) through PayPal.
For students, simply register for a student ticket above, and pay at the entrance. (Again, be sure to bring your student ID.)
If you don't have a credit card, convenience stores in Japan sell prepaid Visa cards, or you can purchase a prepaid Visa card online with V Purika (Japanese only).

How to Cancel Your Registration

First, send an email to the organizing team before the day of the event:
If you've already prepaid with PayPal, you can request a refund. We will give instructions on how to do that once we receive your email.

Coming Without a Ticket

Any remaining tickets not prepaid for by opening day will be sold at the entrance for 4000 yen. Once those tickets are all gone, that's it, so be sure to register as soon as you can!