February 21-22, 2015
Iidabashi, Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Demo Fest is accepting entries for many different competion categories. Each category will have its own separate compo, and all entries will be shown at the party. Not only will there be entries from overseas to watch, but there will also be a chance to see Japanese demos as well. Let's make a demo!

The following compos will be held:

Please see the timetable for the deadlines and when the competitions will be held. Visitors will be able to submit their entries through the party intranet.

Remote entries are allowed and will be voted upon along with all other entries submitted at the party place, but you can win a prize only if you can attend the ceremony. If you are interested in submitting a remote entry, please request an access key from the Remote Entry Submission page.

General Rules

Compo Machine

The compo entries will be run on the following hardware:

Combined PC Demo Compo

The competition for the highest-performing Windows-based demos.

PC Demo

PC 64K Intro

PC 4K Intro

WebGL Demo

Wild Compo

A competition for entries that do not fit within the Combined PC Compo, the Graphics Compo, or the Music Compo.

Animation / Movie

Customized / Oldskool Hardware

iOS/Android Demos

GLSL Graphics Compo

A GLSL fragment Shader displaying a graphical demo.

Combined Music Compo

This is the compo for musical entries.

Tracked Music

Streaming Music

Executable Music

Combined Graphics Compo

The competition for single-image graphics entries.

PC 4k graphics

Freestyle Graphics