Iidabashi, Tokyo, Japan

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Thanks to Sakura Internet, Tokyo Demo Fest is able to stream the partyplace live via Ustream again this year.
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This is the currently planned timetable. Changes may happen without notice.

Friday 2014-03-21

13:00:Doors open
14:00:Opening ceremony
14:30:Oldschool carnival
14:30:Oculus Rift experiments
7 lines GLSL graphics tutorial and GLSL sandbox with Oculus Rift
You can do it! Browser-based Raytracing
22:00:Doors close

Saturday 2014-03-22

09:30:Doors open
10:00:Amiga Demoshow
12:00:Submissions deadline
13:00:Seminar: Demoscene and Unity
15:00:Combined Music Compo
16:00:7 Lines GLSL Graphics Compo
16:30:Combined Graphics Compo
17:00:Wild Compo
17:30:Combined Oldskool Compo
18:00:PC Intro Compo
19:00:PC Demo Compo
20:00:End of competitions
22:00:Doors close

Sunday 2014-03-23

09:30:Doors open
10:00:Seminar: The viewpoint of 3D programmer for Oculus Rift
10:45:Seminar: Introduction to music composing for programmers
11:00:Votes deadline
12:00:Prize giving / Closing ceremony
14:00:Doors close


A demoparty is as much about having fun as it is about competing and learning. A range of events will bring these ingredients to the Japanese Cool Demoshock cocktail.


Watching demos on bigscreen is not quite the same as seeing them at home on your computer, let alone on Youtube. But what about seeing demos while seated in an actual theater? Come and enjoy the experience as some of the most memorable demos of the recent years will be screened.

Live act

Three sets for your enjoyment on Friday night: first a mix by T_S, followed by an Amiga mix by DJ AMIGANUTS and finally a performance by chibitech and her outstanding NES tunes. Two hours that will take you from Japanese pop to arcane chiptunes.

Oldskool Carnival

Learn from the past! Experiment with or discover old machines like the Amiga1200 or the MSX. Bring your own Amiga machines too.

Oculus Rift Experience

Virtual Reality ftw. Oculus Rift is the current state of the art in virtual reality equipment. Come for experimenting and share ideas. If you own an Occulus Rift, bring it with you too.


See the seminars page for all the details.


See the competitions page for all the details.

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