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Seminars will take place on Saturday and Sunday. More details to come soon.

Programming demos in .NET/C# and Direct3D11



While demos and intros are mostly developed in C/C++ and/or with some low-level language assembler, .NET/C# is less often chosen as a language/platform to make demos and is more usually used to develop tools. In this talk, we will see how to effectively use .NET/C# and a managed Direct3D11 API to develop a demo. We will go deeper into the various part of a demo: usage of Direct3D11 graphics API, how to mix a sound (softsynth and mp3 playback), performance considerations (advanced CLR tricks, memory allocations, garbage collections...etc.) and packaging (platforms deployment, assembly static linking, obfuscation, compression... etc.)

Agni's Philosophy ~The Future of Realtime CG Imaging Technology~

Speaker: Yoshihisa Hashimoto


During the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the game industry's leading trade show, Square Enix publicly presented "Agni's Philosophy - FINAL FANTASY REALTIME TECH DEMO", a three minutes and a half real-time technical demonstration movie. (Reference) With the goal of recreating on a high-end PC realtime graphics with a visual quality on par with pre-rendered CG Movies, this demonstration has been praised both at home and abroad by game developers and users for its carefully crafted storytelling and atmosphere. Throughout this session, the different techniques that were used in the creation of "Agni's Philosophy" will be explained and demonstrated.

Extreme aobench

Speaker:Syoyo Fujita


aobench become more and more popular benchmark program than Mandelbrot since TDF 2012. This time, I'll push the new frontier of aobench, introducing "Extreme aobench". The breeding edge use of aobench for demosceners.

Hitchhiker's guide to a demoparty



As a Japanese, going as far as Europe to attend a demoparty can be daunting. Language in particular may be an issue, as it is very unlikely to meet people able to speak Japanese. Fortunately it turns out you need only little vocabulary to start to communicate with sceners. This talk will give you the survival grammar, allowing you to enjoy a demoparty.

Let's make media art with Unity

Speaker: Hiroki Omae

Demo production workshop


In this seminar, we will hold a demo production workshop. For anyone who has never made a demo before, we will use Unity to create a demo from scratch. A discussion corner will also be available for those who might need help with their productions.


The workshop will be held at the following times on 2/9/2013:
14:00: First workshop
16:00: Second workshop
* Each workshop is expected to take approximately 60 minutes.


Please bring your laptop or notebook PC with Unity 4 already installed.