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What is the demoscene?

Originating in the late 80s, the demoscene is a computer subculture composed of people who see a computer system as a way of expression and experimentation. Graphic artists, musicians and programmers perform their art using modern or legacy machines, both bending to rules and breaking any rules at the same time. Their work ranges from music that sound like old console games to visual effects on par with the current state of the art.

Although the demoscene is strongly rooted in Europe, with its most famous events taking place in Finland, Germany or Norway, it has been spreading all around the World. Japan has its own demoscene event too: the Tokyo Demo Fest.

Such an event, referred to as a demoparty, is about creating, enjoying others creations, competing with them, sharing your experience, learning and partying while making new friends or professional contacts. Tokyo Demo Fest is two days of demoscene art.

The Art of the Algoritms

This documentary made by the Hungarian filmmaker Szilárd Matusik gives an indepth presentation of the demoscene.

Moleman 2 - Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms

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