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General rules


PC Demo

Combined PC Intro

Combined Oldschool Demo

Combined Graphics

You can enter the Combined Graphics Competition with any kind of graphic artwork: handdrawn, oldschool or newschool graphics, photo, ASCII/ANSI, 4kB executable...

Combined Music

You can enter the Combined Music Competition with any kind of music entry: streamed, tracked, 32kB executable...


Enter this competition with anything that doesn't fit into the other compos: demo on other platforms, on custom hardware, animation, etc.

Compo machine

The entries of the PC Demo, Combined PC Intro and the Executable Graphics will be run on the following machine:



Submission and deadline

Graphics, music and demo competitions will take place on Sunday. Remote entries are allowed and will be voted upon along with all other entries submitted at the party place, but you can win a prize only if you can attend the ceremony.

Submissions at the party place

Visitors will be able to submit their entries through the intranet. Deadline for on site submissions is set at Sunday 2013/02/10, 12:00.

Remote submissions

Remote submissions are allowed for all competitions. If you want to submit a remote entry, please contact us so we can provide you with the details for uploading your entry. Dealine for remote submissions is set at Saturday 2013/02/09, 23:59.