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What is the demoscene?
The demoscene originated in Europe in the 1980s, when cracking groups created small productions called "cracktros" for computer games. Today, as technology has advanced, these productions have evolved significantly and are now a symbol of both multimedia art and technical prowess, and are presented at a demo party to compete among other productions. Recently, the computer graphics society SIGGRAPH has even taken an interest in the work developed by the demoscene.

In Japan, the word "demoscene" itself is synonymous with megademo, and previous events -- such as the 2chParty -- have been held to show off these megademos. The demoscene portal site has various party reports from Japanese whom have visited demo parties outside of Japan, as well as a full list of demos created by Japanese sceners. For productions created outside of Japan, the site has a very comprehensive database, and a local site in Japan maintained by demo99 introduces various demos. Previously, a site called Megademo Download posted reviews of demos and megademos from the early 2000s.

Megademos require high processing power of both the CPU and GPU in order to perform effects such as realtime fluid simulation and realtime raytracing. There are other categories where sceners can compete against, such as limiting the filesize of the demo to be only 4KB (4096 bytes) and 64KB (65536 bytes).

Elevated by RGBA and TBC / 4KB Intro / Breakpoint 2009 4KB 1st

What is TokyoDemoFest?
Previously, members of the largest textboard BBS in Japan -- known as 2channel -- held an online demoparty known as 2chParty, where they released the megademos they created. Then finally in January of 2011, an official demoparty was held, and TokyoDemoFest was born.

TokyoDemoFest 2011 had 4 seminars, 12 demo entries, 50 visitors, and was considered a huge success. TokyoDemoFest 2012 takes this a step further, with a new location at MOGRA Akihabara (Japanese only), and will be open for two days.

Psycho by Eldorado / PC Demo / TokyoDemoFest 2011 1st

Party Features / Rules
  • Big(ger) Screen
  • A new, powered-up version from last year, featuring a 140 inch (planned) screen.

  • Loud(er) Speakers
  • The sound system installed at MOGRA, already used for various club events, will be used for TokyoDemoFest. Prepare to enjoy your favorite demo sounds at high volume.

  • Wifi Access
  • Wifi access will be available to everyone at TokyoDemoFest. Connection information will be provided at the partyplace.

  • Sleeping Area
  • Sleeping is possible and allowed at the partyplace
    There are no sleeping area, so we recommend those who are travelling far distances to come to TokyoDemoFest to reserve a hotel nearby.

  • Drink / Food
  • Food can be brought into the partyplace, but drinks of any kind are prohibited. A bar will be available inside where you can purchase drinks, including alcohol. A convenience store is also located a few minutes walk from the partyplace. There are also various restaurants around the area which are open 24 hours.

  • Bringing a PC
  • Notebook PCs are allowed in the partyplace. Desktop PCs have much higher power requirements, and first must be cleared with the organizers. Please contact us first if you intend to bring a desktop PC.

    • Q. Can I bring cookware into the partyplace?
    • A. Sorry, no.

    • Q. Can I bring a heater to the partyplace?
    • A. Sorry, heaters cannot be brought either.

    • Q. Is smoking allowed?
    • A. Yes, smoking will be allowed, but only in a designated area in the partyplace.

    • Outside the Partyplace
    • Since there are housing residences located closely around the partyplace, we ask that you please refrain from standing outside and talking during night hours. If you wish to talk outside the partyplace at night, we suggest a nearby restaurant. Re-entry to TokyoDemoFest is, of course, permitted.

      Those persons who do not follow the rules, or disobey any staff order or instruction will be asked to leave the partyplace.

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