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Update LiveCoder demonstoration.
Invitation Demo

System K / Eldorado released @tUM2011
2012/1/25: TokyoDemoFest2012 is over.
TokyoDemoFest2012 is over with HUGE SUCCESS.
Now, you can access prods and seminar presentations and photos.
See you next year!

2012/1/11: DJ Event
Update about DJ even.
For more information please see here(Japanese only).

2011/12/29: Invitation Demo

System K and Eldorado released cool invtation demo.
You should cheak it at pouet or youtube or executable.

2011/12/26: Moleman2 -Demoscene-
Moleman2 is demoscene documentary.
This great work will be shown through the courtesy of the directors.
For more information please see here.

2011/12/22: LiveCoderTool Demo!!
LiveCoderTool demo video comming.
For more information please see here.

2011/12/20: update seminar detail
For more information please see here.

2011/12/12: update Seminar
We hold seminar this time. Contents are about GFX, Parallel Programming, and for newbe.
For more information please see here.

2011/11/21: We're back!!
TokyoDemoFest is the only demo party in Japan. We received such an incredible response from last time, that we've decided to do it again. This time, we've selected an excellent location with a great team of organizers, and have a full set of activities planned to cover a complete 24 hour schedule, from January 13th (Friday) to the 14th (Saturday).

If you are interested in coming to TokyoDemoFest, please register online now. For further information, check the Event page.