Iidabashi, Tokyo, Japan


TokyoDemoFest follows most other demoparties around the world, and will feature seminars during the party.
Similar to last year, this year's seminars will consist of varying themes.

Demoscene and Unity

Speaker: Keijiro Takahashi(Unity Technologies Japan)


Not everyone knows it, but Copenhagen, Denmark is the home to development of Unity Technologies.
There are other development centers in the Nordic countries Lithuania, Finland, and Sweden as well.
The presence of the demoscene very well known throughout game development in Northern Europe.
Programmers in the demoscene are plentiful within Unity, and their know-how has been incorporated in various ways.
This seminar will introduce the relationship between Unity and the demoscene, and discuss skills necessary for mastering Unity.

Other seminars

Coming Soon!!


You can do it! Browser-based Raytracing

Speaker: syoyo


Realtime raytracing has been like a surging wave in recent megademos! For the first time in the demoscene,
this seminar will show how to use your browser to raytrace, anywhere, anytime. Please bring a notebook PC with
an HTML5-supported browser installed. (Rendering is all performed server-side, so a low-spec notebook PC will
do fine. WebGL is not necessary.)

7 Lines GLSL graphics tutorial and GLSL sandbox with Oculus Rift (Provisional)

Speakers: TDF organizers (ototoi, kioku)


This tutorial session will be about using GLSL sandbox for entries in the 7 Lines GLSL graphics compo.
The tutorial is open to anyone, even if you've never used GLSL or made a demo before. For those who do not have time to create a demo before TokyoDemoFest, this is your chance to make one!
We will be showing how to use and create scenes in the GLSL sandbox (using WebGL) for the Oculus Rift.


Those who will join the tutorial session, please bring your notebook PC and ensure the Chrome browser is installed.
For those who have their own Oculus Rift, please bring it with you as well.

Link to GLSL sandbox